Cameron Cook

Cameron Cook

Cameron Cook – Nothing stops him!

We all have our good and bad days in the gym. Sometimes we need to motivate ourselves and we struggle. Then we complain and we just forget how lucky we all are just to be able to do this sport. And that brings us to Cameron Cook, an exceptional person who see challenge where some might only see disability. Paul Brown runs the Powerlifting Club at Forest Heights. Paul is yet another giving individual in the education system here in K-W who gives up his own time and creates opportunities for kids to excel. Cameron is 18 and he has a physical disability that limits what he can do. I’ll let Paul take over the conversation.

“Cameron started lifting in April of 2014. His older brother Colin, who quickly became Cameron’s coach asked him to come out and hang out at the Forest Heights weight room. Colin trained and competed with the Forest Heights team. Cameron showed an interest in lifting but because of his physical disability we struggled with what he would be able to do. We had a deadlift bar set up with just 95 pounds on it and Cameron went over, got into a sumo like stance and lifted it! From there things just took off.”

Cameron pulled 112.5 kilos on his third attempt at the High School Nationals to cheers all around.

Cameron trains deadlift 3-4 times a week at Forest Heights, and does it like a pro. Deficit deadlifts, pause deadlifts, rack pulls and regular deadlift. For accessory work it’s back extensions, shoulder shrugs, grip and abs. Cameron trains with his friend Steven and of course his brother Colin. He also has made it a point to visit Concord Fitness and work on his technique with Richard “Tiger” Singh. Next up? It’s Tae Kwon Do

What motivates Cameron?

“I can challenge myself every time I am in the weight room. I can see my progress in the weight I lift and the number of reps I can do. And at the competitions I meet a lot of great people”