Nada Hassan – Giving Truth to Lift Like a Girl

Nada Hassan

One of the most popular posters for powerlifters has a picture of a girl deadlifting on it with the phrase “Somewhere some girl is warming up with your opener” In Nada’s case – it is likely true. Third oldest in a family of 5 children Nada, now 17, has always been involved in sports. At 8 she played tennis, basketball, pole vaulted and trained in karate. She won multiple national competitions and came third in an international pole vaulting meet.

Training for the pole vault led to lifting weights which took Nada to Crossfit at Crossfit Firepower, which she still trains at along with her favourite sport, basketball. Cross Fit became a lifestyle for Nada and she worked in several heavy lifts in each training session along with accessory work focused on both balance and strength. Mobility work has also been a big element of her success. And now? On to Olympic Lifting and specific powerlifting training embarking on a new Squat training program. Her favourite lift?

“I really love deadlifts, it feels amazing to feel like your literally ripping the bar off the ground, and that you leave everything out there on the platform. There is not much that could go wrong like in the other two lifts; it’s all up to you and your willpower to keep pulling the bar even though it feels like it’s just not happening, because with deadlift you could usually pull more than you think you can ; it’s all in the mindset.”

So what motivates you Nada?

“I want to show people that females who wear the hijab don’t just stay at home and clean and cook; we are capable of great things and I hope I am able to reach a level in my training where I could spread this message.”

With a 117.5 kg Squat, an 85 kg bench and a 175 kg deadlift at 17 Nada is well on her way to making a mark in Powerlifting and many other things given her determination.