APC Young Gunz.

APC Young Gunz

Trayci Metzger has been training a group of young lifters in Amherst, Nova Scotia working to build a foundation for what we are sure will be impressive lifts in the future. But even now these young boys and girls are making a statement. In the back row is Isabelle Lantainge , she is 13 years old and competed in rise of the Valkyries, deadlift only, and brought a newrecod to APC with a 214lbs lift! On the xext row down, the girl in the white shirt is Emily Dobson, also 13. Next to Emily is Jayden Lantainge , he is only 9 but a big boy and very strong, pulling 204 lbs in a deadlift only competition. In the first row, the girl with the red hair is 14 year old Terra Carter who pulled 187 pounds in the June deadlift only competition in Amherst. An next to Terra is Trayci’s “kiddo” Brianna Dunbar whi is 13 now and is looking forward to her first competition in November’s APC contest. Missing from the picture is 12 year old Jessi Carter.

Trayci explained their program to us. “They train with me for 2.5 hours three days a week. Mondays we focus on general physical preparedness. We pull sled,  we flip tires, we jump boxes, we run; all the stuff they find the most fun.  Wednesday we focus on upper body and do some benching. Thursdays we do lower body work including: squats , deads , inverse curl machine , reverse hyper , belt squat, box squat, sissy squat, and rack pulls. Thursday  is all the stuff that makes them feel super tough and super strong:

Trayci adds that:”I never set the lids up to fail. Other then the occasional and hilarious tumble off a jump box, these young gunz are always winners! The team support  between these kids is bar none the greatest i”ve ever seen”

Trayci reminds us to:  “Look out ’cause they are getting strong fast and building a bright future for lifting here in nova Scotia. I am so very very proud of them always.”

Trayci and Nathan Robertson are doing some great work building out our sport in the eastern provinces. That takes a lot of effort and dedication – like we see with Trayci and the Young Gunz.