Maresa Lee Shines at AWPC Worlds

Maresa Lee Squat

In my year of powerlifting, I have come across a lot of different people who I can say have added to my success along the way. For the last year, I was training at Concord Fitness under Tiger Singh and our powerlifting team. My powerlifting career jumpstarted after Jordan Moffitt, my first trainer suggested me doing a competition at Concord, and I haven’t looked back since. I enjoy training with my team as they are more of a family to me these days, and I’ve always received proper support and feedback from them in the process. I can’t say that I’d be the same powerlifter without my team and two coaches behind me, amongst many other friends I’ve made through powerlifting. For worlds, right out of the gate, Alastair MacNicol put together a training program for me about 8 weeks out from Worlds, and that became my main focus outside of my personal life.


My experience at AWPC Worlds was amazing to say the least. The crowd and competitors were all so friendly and supportive, and I made so many new friends. I was lucky enough to work aside a few other Canadian competitors, Leah Gitterman and Cimmeron Kirk whom I’ve met in the past, and they were so incredibly supportive and helpful with yelling at me during my lifts and gaging my next attempts. Squats went well and I finished with a 292lbs which is a 6lb meet PR from CPF Nationals. Bench went well and I finally got my 137lb bench easily which I missed at CPF Nationals, so I was thrilled. I opened my deadlift at a world record, which I was really excited about, and I finished with a 325lb deadlift – which is a WPC junior world record deadlift. One of the best moments at worlds was when one of the judges told me he was only going to give me my world record deadlift if I smiled with it during lockout for the audience, thank god for grip strength! At the end of the day, I was the happiest person alive in that moment as I went 10/10 at my first Worlds powerlifting meet and received two gold medals, one for my weight class and the other for the deadlift only category. Overall, my experience at AWPC worlds was phenomenal I will cherish that experience forever and I look forward to competing with the CPF and the WPC again in the near future.