Joe Michael Lecuyer Rocks WPC/AWPC World Cup


Joe Michael Lecuyer really raised the bar for Canadians at the AWPC World Cup in September. For those who don’t know him he has been quietly setting about becoming one of the most consistent – as well as one of the strongest amateur lifters in Canada. He is fun to watch, here is his thoughts on the Cup performance.

“This was a great meet for me. I went 10/10, first time ever getting all good lifts. I went 7/9 at provincials and 6/9 at nationals. I learned a lot from my other two CPF meets and made sure I didn’t make the same mistakes at the World Cup. I started squats a little shaky (probably nerves) but the lifts got smoother after each attempt. I did 290, 300 & 310kg. Bench press is where I really stood out. I smoked my first three attempts of 230, 240 & 245kg and did an easy fourth attempt at 250kg. I did the same attempts on deadlifts as squats and finally showed a little fatigue on my last attempt when I got two whites and one red.

I applied for two AWPC raw world records: 250kg raw bench and 865kg total in the SHW class.

Although I don’t have a coach or belong to any powerlifting club I would still like to mention some other competitors that have helped and shared valuable experience off the platform: Tiger Singh, Scott MacDiarmid, Paul Fury, Nathan Robertson and Bruce McIntyre.”

Here is a link to Joe’s 250 kg world record raw amateur bench!

Great job Joe!