Welcome to the Canadian Powerlifting Federation!

The CPF is an affiliate of the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) with affiliates and competitions in 32 countries around the world. We offer lifters a choice in the equipment they wish to wear and compete in. Lifters in the CPF may lift raw with a belt only and wrist wraps for benching or in single ply equipment or in multiply equipment. Lifters may wear any manufacturers brand of legal equipment they choose and may display any logos they wish as long as it is not deemed offensive. Monolifts are used but lifters may walk out the weight if they wish. Specialty bars for safer lifting are used for example a thicker and longer bar is used for squats, a powerbar is used for benching and a longer and thinner bar is used for deadlifting. The lifter may use his or her hand off persons for the bench if they desire. We are truly focused on the lifter for safety, fairness, support and enjoyment. We are a federation run by lifters for the lifters.

We welcome lifters from all other federations to come and lift together with us at our meets while you still support your other federations.