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Pro Cash day in Prince George May 26


We want to know who the BEST Canadian Lifters are.  The 2018 Canadian Open is coming to Prince George on May 26 and 27, and will feature a Pro Cash day with over $8000 in prize money.  The Cash day will be limited to 20 Male Multiply lifters and 20 Female Classic Raw lifters.  Winners will be determined by formula and lifters must have a qualifying total to compete.  Male Multiply minimum Wilks 425 and Female Classic Raw minimum Wilks 300.  Full Power Only top 3 will win cash.

Sunday will feature an open pro meet with all lifters welcome.  Categories include Classic Raw, Equipped, Full Power, Push/Pull, and Bench Only.  Day 2 is capped at 60 lifters.

Meet Director is Jay Cook, inquire at

Joe Michael Lecuyer Rocks WPC/AWPC World Cup


Joe Michael Lecuyer really raised the bar for Canadians at the AWPC World Cup in September. For those who don’t know him he has been quietly setting about becoming one of the most consistent – as well as one of the strongest amateur lifters in Canada. He is fun to watch, here is his thoughts on the Cup performance.

“This was a great meet for me. I went 10/10, first time ever getting all good lifts. I went 7/9 at provincials and 6/9 at nationals. I learned a lot from my other two CPF meets and made sure I didn’t make the same mistakes at the World Cup. I started squats a little shaky (probably nerves) but the lifts got smoother after each attempt. I did 290, 300 & 310kg. Bench press is where I really stood out. I smoked my first three attempts of 230, 240 & 245kg and did an easy fourth attempt at 250kg. I did the same attempts on deadlifts as squats and finally showed a little fatigue on my last attempt when I got two whites and one red.

I applied for two AWPC raw world records: 250kg raw bench and 865kg total in the SHW class.

Although I don’t have a coach or belong to any powerlifting club I would still like to mention some other competitors that have helped and shared valuable experience off the platform: Tiger Singh, Scott MacDiarmid, Paul Fury, Nathan Robertson and Bruce McIntyre.”

Here is a link to Joe’s 250 kg world record raw amateur bench!

Great job Joe!

The 2016 Pro Championship Belt

Robertson-Premium_Equipped Male-PROOF

HERE THEY ARE!!!! Proofs for the PRO Canadian Championship Belts!! Each handmade, 1/8″ thick plate on a real hand tooled leather belt, this same company make the WWE belts you see on TV!! The 3 classes will be Female Raw 3 lift, Male Raw 3 lift, Male Equipped 3 lift! Who does not want to win a $1500 belt and be called 2016 CPF Canadian Powerlifting Champion !?!?

The Torque Powerlifting Classic 2016

Torque Powerlifting Classic

The lifters are being wrapped, the crowd is restless and Clint Harwood has called “The Bar is Loaded” A great day of lifting thanks to Dan Petkovsek and everyone at Torque Barbell. 39 lifters, a couple of hundred spectators and some new Canadian Records. All in all can’t ask for a better day. Results will be up soon.

Maresa Lee Shines at AWPC Worlds

Maresa Lee Squat

In my year of powerlifting, I have come across a lot of different people who I can say have added to my success along the way. For the last year, I was training at Concord Fitness under Tiger Singh and our powerlifting team. My powerlifting career jumpstarted after Jordan Moffitt, my first trainer suggested me doing a competition at Concord, and I haven’t looked back since. I enjoy training with my team as they are more of a family to me these days, and I’ve always received proper support and feedback from them in the process. I can’t say that I’d be the same powerlifter without my team and two coaches behind me, amongst many other friends I’ve made through powerlifting. For worlds, right out of the gate, Alastair MacNicol put together a training program for me about 8 weeks out from Worlds, and that became my main focus outside of my personal life.


My experience at AWPC Worlds was amazing to say the least. The crowd and competitors were all so friendly and supportive, and I made so many new friends. I was lucky enough to work aside a few other Canadian competitors, Leah Gitterman and Cimmeron Kirk whom I’ve met in the past, and they were so incredibly supportive and helpful with yelling at me during my lifts and gaging my next attempts. Squats went well and I finished with a 292lbs which is a 6lb meet PR from CPF Nationals. Bench went well and I finally got my 137lb bench easily which I missed at CPF Nationals, so I was thrilled. I opened my deadlift at a world record, which I was really excited about, and I finished with a 325lb deadlift – which is a WPC junior world record deadlift. One of the best moments at worlds was when one of the judges told me he was only going to give me my world record deadlift if I smiled with it during lockout for the audience, thank god for grip strength! At the end of the day, I was the happiest person alive in that moment as I went 10/10 at my first Worlds powerlifting meet and received two gold medals, one for my weight class and the other for the deadlift only category. Overall, my experience at AWPC worlds was phenomenal I will cherish that experience forever and I look forward to competing with the CPF and the WPC again in the near future.

APC Young Gunz.

APC Young Gunz

Trayci Metzger has been training a group of young lifters in Amherst, Nova Scotia working to build a foundation for what we are sure will be impressive lifts in the future. But even now these young boys and girls are making a statement. In the back row is Isabelle Lantainge , she is 13 years old and competed in rise of the Valkyries, deadlift only, and brought a newrecod to APC with a 214lbs lift! On the xext row down, the girl in the white shirt is Emily Dobson, also 13. Next to Emily is Jayden Lantainge , he is only 9 but a big boy and very strong, pulling 204 lbs in a deadlift only competition. In the first row, the girl with the red hair is 14 year old Terra Carter who pulled 187 pounds in the June deadlift only competition in Amherst. An next to Terra is Trayci’s “kiddo” Brianna Dunbar whi is 13 now and is looking forward to her first competition in November’s APC contest. Missing from the picture is 12 year old Jessi Carter.

Trayci explained their program to us. “They train with me for 2.5 hours three days a week. Mondays we focus on general physical preparedness. We pull sled,  we flip tires, we jump boxes, we run; all the stuff they find the most fun.  Wednesday we focus on upper body and do some benching. Thursdays we do lower body work including: squats , deads , inverse curl machine , reverse hyper , belt squat, box squat, sissy squat, and rack pulls. Thursday  is all the stuff that makes them feel super tough and super strong:

Trayci adds that:”I never set the lids up to fail. Other then the occasional and hilarious tumble off a jump box, these young gunz are always winners! The team support  between these kids is bar none the greatest i”ve ever seen”

Trayci reminds us to:  “Look out ’cause they are getting strong fast and building a bright future for lifting here in nova Scotia. I am so very very proud of them always.”

Trayci and Nathan Robertson are doing some great work building out our sport in the eastern provinces. That takes a lot of effort and dedication – like we see with Trayci and the Young Gunz.

2015 CPF Club of the Year – Bangarang


2015’s club of the year is Bangarang, hailing from Bang Fitness in Toronto. Under the leadership and coaching of Paul Hynes Bangarang took 3 first place finishes and a number of 2nd place finishes in age group classifications at Nationals. Lifting amateur and with a few enjoying the entirety of the powerlifting experience by undergoing drug tests, Banagarang managed to hold off the two clubs tied for second, Android Bodies out of Guelph and Townson Fitness of Scarborough. A great experience and a great effort by all at Nationals.

A few members of Team Bangarang celebrating their victory. Left to Right:

Julie Leising, Alex Murphy, Coach (and Lifter) Paul Hynes, Peter Sellers, Alex St. Pierre, Eli Campenaro and Cathy Bruce.

Nada Hassan – Giving Truth to Lift Like a Girl

Nada Hassan

One of the most popular posters for powerlifters has a picture of a girl deadlifting on it with the phrase “Somewhere some girl is warming up with your opener” In Nada’s case – it is likely true. Third oldest in a family of 5 children Nada, now 17, has always been involved in sports. At 8 she played tennis, basketball, pole vaulted and trained in karate. She won multiple national competitions and came third in an international pole vaulting meet.

Training for the pole vault led to lifting weights which took Nada to Crossfit at Crossfit Firepower, which she still trains at along with her favourite sport, basketball. Cross Fit became a lifestyle for Nada and she worked in several heavy lifts in each training session along with accessory work focused on both balance and strength. Mobility work has also been a big element of her success. And now? On to Olympic Lifting and specific powerlifting training embarking on a new Squat training program. Her favourite lift?

“I really love deadlifts, it feels amazing to feel like your literally ripping the bar off the ground, and that you leave everything out there on the platform. There is not much that could go wrong like in the other two lifts; it’s all up to you and your willpower to keep pulling the bar even though it feels like it’s just not happening, because with deadlift you could usually pull more than you think you can ; it’s all in the mindset.”

So what motivates you Nada?

“I want to show people that females who wear the hijab don’t just stay at home and clean and cook; we are capable of great things and I hope I am able to reach a level in my training where I could spread this message.”

With a 117.5 kg Squat, an 85 kg bench and a 175 kg deadlift at 17 Nada is well on her way to making a mark in Powerlifting and many other things given her determination.


Cameron Cook

Cameron Cook

Cameron Cook – Nothing stops him!

We all have our good and bad days in the gym. Sometimes we need to motivate ourselves and we struggle. Then we complain and we just forget how lucky we all are just to be able to do this sport. And that brings us to Cameron Cook, an exceptional person who see challenge where some might only see disability. Paul Brown runs the Powerlifting Club at Forest Heights. Paul is yet another giving individual in the education system here in K-W who gives up his own time and creates opportunities for kids to excel. Cameron is 18 and he has a physical disability that limits what he can do. I’ll let Paul take over the conversation.

“Cameron started lifting in April of 2014. His older brother Colin, who quickly became Cameron’s coach asked him to come out and hang out at the Forest Heights weight room. Colin trained and competed with the Forest Heights team. Cameron showed an interest in lifting but because of his physical disability we struggled with what he would be able to do. We had a deadlift bar set up with just 95 pounds on it and Cameron went over, got into a sumo like stance and lifted it! From there things just took off.”

Cameron pulled 112.5 kilos on his third attempt at the High School Nationals to cheers all around.

Cameron trains deadlift 3-4 times a week at Forest Heights, and does it like a pro. Deficit deadlifts, pause deadlifts, rack pulls and regular deadlift. For accessory work it’s back extensions, shoulder shrugs, grip and abs. Cameron trains with his friend Steven and of course his brother Colin. He also has made it a point to visit Concord Fitness and work on his technique with Richard “Tiger” Singh. Next up? It’s Tae Kwon Do

What motivates Cameron?

“I can challenge myself every time I am in the weight room. I can see my progress in the weight I lift and the number of reps I can do. And at the competitions I meet a lot of great people”

CPF Victory or Valhalla

2015 Victory or Valhalla

This was one of the largest CPF events yet. Out sport grows year by year – 68 lifters – 5 flights in Amhers Nova Scotia. This event was graced by the prescence of Ed Coan one of the all time powerlifting greats who shared his knowledge on Friday then stayed through the weekend to help out with the event.

Scott Blanchard took the Best Equipped Male lifter Pro
George Sotirakos took the Best Equipped Male lifter amateur
Jim Paquet took the Best Raw Male lifter pro
Nathan Boudreau took the Best Male lifter amateur
Catherine Lepage took the Best Female raw
Allyson Smith took best master female
Mark Ironfield took best master male
Carlene Brennan took best junior/teen female
Jim Paquet took best junior/teen male

2015 Victory or Valhalla
Congratulations to everyone who participated!